Over the years I’ve read a lot of blogs with people giving so-called tips. You read the article and at the end you say to yourself “well now what”. Not one single realistic tip. Sure you could hire someone to spend 2-3 hrs a day, which is actually what one person recommended. Or you could try to do that yourself but time isn’t something you have a lot of.

I’ve been helping other people grow for so long that I decided for 2016 its time to grow my own community too.

In 4 easy steps I’m going to tell you how I doubled my Instagram followers in two weeks. We’re not talking thousands but more realistic numbers. Purely organic!

  1. My first step was to set aside 10 minutes 5 days a week to spend on Instagram.
  2. I started searching #’s that I was interested in. Wow, I found really great people and pictures.
  3. I engaged and guess what? They started following me and liking my pictures back.
  4. When I ran low on ideas I looked at trending #’s.

That’s it! Look for future blogs about Instagram picture contests and give-aways.

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