I’ve been asked many times – How do I get more followers or page likes? In my opinion this is the wrong question.

Yes, it looks good at first glance. You check out a page and it has 1000 or even 10,000 likes.  However, high numbers doesn’t mean your business will grow or sales will skyrocket. Have you ever checked out these so-called followers or page likes. I have, if most of the followers are from India and you own a coffee shop in Poulsbo, Washington how will that help your business or ROI? I’ve worked with people that payed for likes or followers but it’s just for appearance. Why put your money there?

The real question should be – How Do I Get more Engagement? The most important factor is to build a community that’s relevant to you. It’s far better to have a small number of fans that are engaged. This is where you should spend the money or your time. Set aside 10  minutes a day and engage with your social media community.

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