Have you ever seen the share on Instagram or status on Facebook that has 20 hashtags?

You will find many differing opinions. One blog says 11 hashtags is the sweet spot another might say 3. Hootsuite recommends no more than 5.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to use too many hashtags. You look inexperienced and spammy.  Ever see the person on Instagram that puts 20 hashtags and spaces in between each one? Don’t do that! It annoys your followers.

You may ask why? Well, using too many hashtags attracts the wrong crowd. Its kind of like hanging out behind the gym in social media. Instead of just using every hashtag that pops into your head give it a bit more thought. Think about your community. Who are you try to attract? Search the hashtag see who else is using it. Do you want to be associated with them or that?

Quick tips to hashtags-

  1. You should always use your company or brand name.
  2. What are you selling? #shirts #cookies #blankets
  3. Connect with others about a particular story or group. #sportsteam #scifi #NationalMargaritaDay   *One tip here. Do NOT cash in on someones misery to promote yourself. Very bad!
  4. Don’t use something so original no one will find or even understand what it means.
  5. No more than 5 hashtags.

Hashtags are actually pretty simple. Have fun with it and HAPPY #hashtagging!

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