You’re reading about social media advocacy more and more but what is it?

It’s when you ask for support from your employees or team members. They help you share content on across social media platforms organically.

This can include news, announcements, specials, pictures, blogs or events.

This lengthens your organic reach. It also helps your business become more than just one voice but a collective of great ideas that will help more people connect with your brand.

How do you implement this strategy? Try these 3 simple steps.

  1. Make it simple for your employees and teams members to share. Let them take pictures in your store, eatery or office. Ask them to share your events. This can be done on their personal pages #hashtaging to your business. Set aside 10 minutes a day or week for each employee or team member.
  2. Employees or team members are able to make or suggest social updates. This is done by adding people to your Facebook page with either editor or moderator. Or through Hootsuite or buffer which are social media dashboards where you can post to multiple social media platforms.
  3. Companies should in return embrace, support and promote their employees and team members. Praise them publicly for their hard work to help your business grow.

Extra Credit – Try having contests or giveaways to reward the employees or team members that brings you the most engagement or new likes and followers.

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