Peach is a new social platform. Well, it was introduced to me early January 2016 by a friend in the know. It was created by Dom Hofmann, a co-founder of Vine.

Its like Facebook – You have your own wall that you can post on. They have something called “wave” similar to “poke”. You have to be friends to like or comment. There is no Character limit.

Its like Twitter – All your information is out there. There is no direct messaging. Any post is visible if you know the users name. The posts can’t be edited.

Its different from both Facebook and Twitter because it doesn’t have a common social feed. It prompts you to post. I guess this could help if you really want to post but not sure where to begin.

A downside that I found is it’s hard to connect to friends. The only way to invite is by text messages. I don’t like sending mass texts in this way. Especially at this point when so few people know about it. Although I hear it’s gaining popularity on the east coast especially in New York city so maybe it’s working its way west.

Things I really like – “Magic words” – shout lets you write words with a background color, you can draw with your finger, and the share a song feature is super easy to use. Rate lets you rate anything with stars, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. GIF and there are many more. To better understand how these work I recommend downloading the app. It will walk you through each one step by step.

Is it good for business?

Well, Merriam-Webster dictionary thinks so. I think the Rate “magic word” feature offers a lot of potential. Let’s revisit this in a few months and see.

Update – Well, where did Peach go? It was declared dead. Apps come and go.