How many social media platforms should you be using? Should you use Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook?

You have many questions and I can help you. You should at least be on two social media platforms, three is even better. Let’s set up a consultation meeting and we can discuss your business needs.

We can visit your current social media plan or create one. Let’s take a look at your target audience and how to engage them.

What I can do for you

Social Media Profile Creation and Management –  Content curation, Status update scheduling, cleanup, and stats. Response to inquires, comments, and tweets. Focusing on social sites that reach your existing and future customers/fans. E-mail communication. Linkedin specialist for organic reach.

Blog Management – Posting and scheduling. Inbox, comment moderation, and spam clean-up. Analytics.

Newsletter Setup and Service – Manage subscribers, Send and schedule newsletter and announcement e-mails. Analytics. Mailchimp specialist.

I’m continually researching to keep up with the ever changing social media market. I’m lucky enough to be part of the Learn Something Radio Podcast team. You can find us on iTunes or go to it here – Learn Something Radio.

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