How many social media platforms should you be using? Should you use Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or Facebook? Or all of them?

You have many questions and I can help you. Let’s set up a consultation meeting and we can discuss your business needs.

We can visit your current social media plan or create one. Let’s take a look at your target audience and how to engage them.

What I can do for you —

Social Media Profile Creation and Management – Content curation, Status update scheduling, cleanup, and stats. Response to inquires, comments, and tweets. Focusing on social sites that reach your existing and future customers/fans. E-mail communication. Linkedin specialist for organic reach.

Research Your Competition –Knowing what your competition is up to can greatly help with your marketing campaigns.

Blog Management – Posting and scheduling. Inbox, comment moderation, and spam clean-up. Analytics.

Newsletter Setup and Service – Manage subscribers, Send and schedule newsletter and announcement e-mails. Analytics. Mailchimp specialist.

I’m continually researching to keep up with the ever-changing social media market.